BA Urban Planning and Design

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In the BA/BEng Urban Planning and Design programme, you will study the planning and design of urban and rural landscapes in both local and international contexts. You will obtain knowledge and skills to analyse, critique and contribute to the shaping of the sustainable development agenda in China and around the world.

You will learn how to formulate strategic plans, design liveable cities and create public places. The programme will equip you to consider the social, economic and environmental needs of society and their interaction with the environments we inhabit and build. You will learn how to help companies and governments make difficult land use and development decisions while accounting for concerns like achieving climate resilience and enabling community engagement.

The programme is international in focus, preparing students who will work in China to provide the critical planning skills needed for China's rapid rate of urbanisation while equipping those who will work in other countries for their career success.

Why should I study Urban Planning and Design at XJTLU?

  • Learn in a globally competitive, professional programme that is unique in its focus on both local Chinese and international planning systems and urban design practice
  • Enjoy a range of learning experiences such as interactive studios, field surveys and local and international field classes and design workshops
  • Become an independent, active learner and critical thinker with support from our learning environment
  • Gain transferable skills that are vital for success in your future study or employment in planning and urban design-related fields
  • Earn two degrees: an XJTLU degree from the Chinese Ministry of Education and a globally recognised degree from the University of Liverpool, a member of the Russell Group of leading UK universities.

Qualification XJTLU BEng Urban Planning and Design University of Liverpool BA Urban Planning and Design
BEng Urban Planning and Design
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Knowledge and skills

By the time you graduate from the BA/BEng Urban Planning and Design, you will:

  • acquire knowledge of the natural, economic, socio-economic and political factors that shape our surroundings and how the built and natural environment is managed in different places around the world;
  • understand the role, scope and limitations of contemporary urban and regional planning in contributing to the management of growth and change, and the conservation of the built and natural environment;
  • comprehend the legal basis for action in planning and the relationship between planning and environmental issues;
  • gain an appreciation of decision-making processes that represent the views of the diverse communities who are affected by those decisions and how and when they can be effectively deployed;
  • develop abilities to think critically, reason logically, undertake systematic research, work in teams and use techniques in computing, numeracy, design and various forms of communication.

Studying in XJTLU tops that all by giving a whole new level, as XJTLU combines Chinese perspective with that of International one.

Randy Rizal Student, BA/BEng Urban Planning and Design, Indonesia



With a high demand for graduates of urban planning and design, you will have many options and become planners and/or designers in various fields including:

  • policy making: developing legislation for the future of countries, cities and communities
  • urban design: creating attractive, safe and pleasant places in which to live, work or visit
  • property development: ensuring the right developments for the right places
  • transport planning: finding sustainable transport solutions
  • environmental planning: tackling the effects of climate change
  • urban regeneration: bringing life to places that need revitalisation
  • urban conservation: helping to protect our natural and built heritage
  • neighbourhood planning: engaging with people about how their communities are developed
  • smart city: promoting future cities that incorporate the latest in new technologies.


Entry requirements

Please visit the entry requirements page for the comprehensive list of qualifications required to study at XJTLU.

Having graduated from XJTLU, I earned a master degree in Environmental and Sustainable Development from UCL, and now I’m working as an officer of the Energy and Climate Change program at Global Environmental Institute, a Chinese environmental NGO. My career path thus far would not be possible without my four-year study experience at UPD. This BA/BEng programme not only equipped me with knowledge of urban planning and design, but also gave me the chance to enhance my leadership skills including conducting group-based work and research. Above all, UPD is truly a student-centered place that provides considerable learning opportunities and emphasizes personal development.

Xinran Yan Alumna, BA/BEng Urban Planning and Design, China

How to apply

Applications should be submitted via our online application system:

  1. Click/tap the APPLY link
  2. Create an account or log in to your existing account
  3. Complete your application

Once your application account is successfully created, enter all the information required in the application form carefully and make sure the information you provide is correct, complete and up to date. Upload the required documents to the corresponding fields.

You may log-in to view your application form at any time.

For further details of how to successfully apply to study at XJTLU, please visit the how to apply page.