Dining and nightlife

Food lovers won’t be disappointed by Suzhou's huge variety of restaurants, while the city's nightlife offers a range of options for those who love to socialise.

Life at XJTLU

Shanghai is also a short train ride away and attracts top bands and DJs from around the world, and offers even wider selection of international shopping and dining options than Suzhou. Many XJTLU students make regular weekend trips to the city.


There are plenty of good low-to-medium budget dining options around XJTLU, including Subway, KFC, McDonalds, and many good Asian fast-food options. There's also the ever-popular Zemo Café with a range of coffees, sandwiches and pastries. Some restaurants in the local area cater to special dietary requirements such as halal or vegetarian.

Local Suzhou and Chinese cuisine

Suzhou cuisine is one of the eight famous Chinese cuisines with specialties that include hairy crab and ‘squirrel’ fish. Traditional restaurants can be found downtown on streets such as Guanqian Jie, Ganjiang Lu, Shiquan Jie and Xueshi Jie. Li Gong Di causeway in Suzhou Industrial Park also has a number of Chinese restaurants.

International cuisine

There are international restaurants, catering to a wide range of tastes and requirements, all over Suzhou Industrial Park, especially at areas around Jinji Lake including Xingdu Plaza, Li Gong Di, Moon Harbour and Times Square. Home delivery service Sherpas covers most of the international restaurants in Suzhou.

KTV (Karaoke TV)

KTV is one of the most common activities amongst students in China. KTV venues are everywhere in Suzhou and consist of small, medium and large rooms that a group of friends can rent by the hour to socialise, sing, eat, drink, and even watch movies.

Nights out

Suzhou has a host of pubs and bars. Bars in the area surrounding the University include Hakuna Matata and Rainbow, and staff and students often unwind in the seated area outside imported food supermarket Victor in the spring and summer months. Also, Coconut Bar at the nearby Genway Mansion on Dushu Lake is a great option for an authentic western-style bar experience.

In Suzhou Industrial Park, Li Gong Di '1912' area has several bars including Ollie’s, Jenny’s and Goodfellas, which all feature daily happy hour deals and live music. The Blue Marlin nearby is also very popular. Shiquan Jie Bar Street in downtown is another popular spot and includes The Bookworm, Drunken Clam, and Jane’s bar.

For those wanting an authentic Chinese club experience, Inpub, Phebe and Pandora, located in the old Suzhou area are a good choice. In Suzhou Industrial Park, Li Gong Di becomes especially lively at the weekends thanks to nightclubs such as Pravda, which attracts a large number of international and Chinese party-goers.