Shopping and recreation

There are lots of things to do in Suzhou with some of the city’s main entertainment hubs located around the scenic Jinji Lake, near the University.

Life at XJTLU

Shopping centres

In addition to the traditional shops located in old Suzhou, there are modern international shopping malls and centres such as Times Square, Shin Kong Place, Harmony Plaza, Eslite Bookstore and InCity Mall that house clothing, homeware and electronics stores as well as supermarkets, restaurants and coffee shops.


In addition to the many local food shops selling fresh fruit, vegetables and meat and convenience stores, Suzhou also has a number of large international supermarkets selling Chinese and imported food. There are also a variety of smaller international food stores.

Coffee shops

There is almost a coffee shop on every corner in Suzhou and most have free Wi-Fi access. You can find all of the major international coffee chains while the city also has an number of independent coffeehouses - be sure to check them out at the popular Pingjiang Road.

Sports facilities

In addition to the Dushu Lake Higher Education Town sports centre and sports facilities around campus, SIP also has a wide choice of gyms and facilities. Sporting events are also held throughout the year including the Suzhou Jinji Lake half marathon in April and a Tai Lake half marathon in November. For those of you who enjoy cycling there are also many activities that take place.

Cinemas and attractions

There are several cinemas located around Suzhou, which all have showings in both Chinese and English. Suzhou is also home to two amusement parks - Ferris Wheel Park in SIP and Amusement Land in the New District - as well as a water park.