The new initiative


Located in Taicang High-Tech Development Zone, the planning of the Taicang base will be in accordance with XJTLU’s understanding of the future university and its campus and educational philosophy of Syntegrative Education. The XJTLU Syntegrative Education base in Taicang will be involved in education, research, training, entrepreneurship, business, and commerce, and fully reflect the university-industry and university-society integration features of the future international university. Its development will be aligned to the ideals entailed in cooperation and mutual benefit, environmental sustainability, and innovation based on the organisational principles of strategic planning, centralised budgeting and attention to detail.

Theme, ideals & visions

Themed on syntegration and symbiosis, XJTLU's Syntegrative Education base in Taicang aspires to become the cradle of elites and leaders for emerging industries, and the model of the future university. It has some specific missions:

  • To cultivate elites and leaders for new industries
  • To explore new models for international high-end development of human resource excellence and operations
  • To explore new models for new industry development and foster their development
  • To offer solutions to the conceptionalisation of the future university and the organisation of its campus

Strategically positioned to be a pioneer and model in international high-end talent development XJTLU's Taicang base has been seeking in-depth partnerships with businesses in exploring educational models that could prepare leadership for challenges from AI and the automatisation of industry. Specifically, this entrepreneurial college is the University’s exploration into new models for the future international university and its campus facilities. In particular, these focus on healthy interactions among university, industry and society, which foster innovation and the development of a modern and green society.

Co-developed Industry School

To develop international industry elites, the new initiative breaks with the traditional focus in universities on disciplines, and develops various industry schools jointly with well-known businesses home and abroad in specific fields through the various Syntegrative Education supporting platforms. Such partnerships are based on future demand and key industry alignment to future development trends in for example: AI, robotics, industry +network, big data, healthcare, entertainment, new materials, smart manufacturing, and biochemistry.

Educational model

XJTLU's syntegrative educational approach includes:
  • Industry-based schools to enhance cross-disciplinary and industry training
  • A full credit system (lifelong education without age limits, which allows all interested candidates to achieve targets and acquire credits via courses or training programmes) that helps students and the general public pursue their study;
  • Realising innovative ideas from students and the general public via the open-end innovative Innovation Factory, the various ER&Dis, and a range of startup initiatives with partner businesses
  • Enhancing candidates’ adaptability to future changes and ability to navigate their career path through the syntegration of general, specialised, industry, management and entrepreneurship programmes.
  • In-depth cooperation with businesses in learning, internship, on-the-job training, research and entrepreneurship efforts to foster syntegration, which prepare candidates in advance and pave their way to future career success and ambitions.